We are currently conducting a clinical trial of MET409, a representative non-bile acid sustained FXR agonist, in NASH patients. In addition to monitoring safety and pharmacokinetics, we are assessing FXR target engagement in this trial via blood-based biomarkers.

In addition, we are developing a “best of breed” FXR agonist from our library of over 2,500 compounds and plan to initiate first-in-human studies in the first half of 2020.

We have purposefully designed our compounds to be optimized next-generation FXR agonists with features of a non-bile acid chemical structure and sustained FXR engagement. With this profile, we believe our compounds have the potential to be a best-in-class NASH drug with a key differentiated safety and efficacy profile from other FXR agonists in development.

FXR Program Design Feature

No bile acid or steroidal elements (non-bile acid)
Sustained FXR engagement
Selective and potent for FXR
Oral, once-daily dosing

Potential Benefit

Safety and Efficacy
Compliance and Convenience